Roularta Media Group announces that it has reached agreement with the French bank Natixis to acquire Coface Services Belgium.

Roularta says the acquisition fits perfectly with its strategy of strengthening its current position on the Business Information market.  Roularta is already highly active on this market through Trends Top, which has evolved from a paper directory of companies to an online tool, with daily updated information on 325,000 companies and 500,000 decision makers. also provides powerful webtools for targeted prospecting, sales management and financial analysis. It now counts more than 30,000 unique visitors per day, giving 3.6 million page views per month.  This acquisition also further expands Roularta Media Group’s 360° strategy. Roularta already boasts a very strong business media presence with magazines Trends/Trends – Tendances (200,000 weekly readers), business broadcasters Kanaal Z/Canal Z.

Coface Services Belgium, with an annual turnover of around 6 million euros and forty staff, is a very important player, with 25 years experience, in the business information market. Under its brand name B-Information, Coface Services Belgium (formerly Euro DB) offers up-to-date, bespoke company information. B-information builds the solution that best meets the client’s needs, from discovering the best prospects in a specific market to tracking customers and suppliers based on precise financial and legal information to collecting overdue payments.

With a database of over a million Belgian companies, B-information offers effective solutions both to maximize the impact of a marketing and sales campaign and to enrich client databases and keep them up-to-date. In addition, Coface Services Belgium has financial information available on over 200 million businesses worldwide, with detailed analyses for managing all commercial opportunities and risks with customers and suppliers.

The sale of Coface Services Belgium is part of an overall strategy by Coface to dismantle the Coface credit information business.