Crypto launchpad and trading platform CoinList has partnered with LexisNexis Risk Solutions to automate their entire compliance and onboarding strategy through a single solution.

CoinList connects new projects in crypto with early adopters of their products. It has a growing global community of more than four million active users. The company was looking for a solution to automate their compliance and onboarding strategy including multi-jurisdiction KYC/KYB checks, fraud detection, and AML screening, coupled with case management across the entire customer lifecycle.

RiskNarrative, provided by LexisNexis is used by a range of different industry sectors to onboard customers, detect fraud and identify risk, including banks, lenders and crypto asset and gaming providers.

With their customer base expanding across borders, CoinList needed to navigate a multitude of differing global regulatory requirements. They required a solution that would deliver a low-friction customer journey, whilst ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and providing agility and scalability to enter new markets.

In selecting the RiskNarrative platform, CoinList gains access to a full suite of data and technology solutions. RiskNarrative’s orchestration capabilities will allow the platform to remain compliant whilst onboarding new customers faster and more efficiently than before, without compromising on risk.

About CoinList
The company believes that many more blockchain companies will be built and play a huge role in shaping the future of society. That’s why they want to empower crypto builders at any stage in their journey and connect them with high quality early adopters of their products. They managed to help blue chip projects like Filecoin, Solana, Celo, Algorand, Dapper, and others connect with hundreds of thousands of new token holders. CoinList has expanded to support the full crypto lifecycle, from token sales through token distribution, trading, and staking.

Source: ThePaypers