Based on the insights of over 500 cybersecurity professionals, the Insider Threat Report uncovers the hard facts on insider threats and what cybersecurity professionals are doing to prevent, detect, and remediate these threats.

insiderthreat_diagramKey findings include:

  • Privileged users, such as managers with access to sensitive information, pose the biggest insider threat to organizations (59 percent) and then this is followed by contractors and consultants (48 percent), and regular employees (46 percent).
  • 62 percent of security professionals say insider threats have become more frequent in the last 12 months. But only 34 percent expect additional budget to address the problem.
  • Fewer than 50 percent of organizations have appropriate controls to prevent insider attacks.
  • 62 percent of respondents say that insider attacks are far more difficult to detect and prevent than external attacks.
  • 38 percent of survey respondents estimate remediation cost to reach up to $500,000 per insider attack. 64 percent of respondents find it difficult to estimate the damage of a successful insider attack.

The new Insider Threat Report ( is based on a comprehensive survey conducted with our 260,000+ member Information Security Community on LinkedIn and supported by leading security vendors: Bitglass, Dell Software, Fasoo, Heat Software, LightCyber, ObserveIT, Palerra, RES Software, Sergeant Laboratories, SpectorSoft, Vectra Networks and Watchful Software.


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