INFORMA D&B provided recently an overview of the roles of commercial credit and commercial credit reporting to a group of international credit professionals and central bankers.  The presentation contains details of the impact of credit on the national economy of Spain and answered the question “What is Commercial Credit Information used for?

  • Find and gain knowledge about companies and their managers.
  • Classify new clients.
  • Stay informed at all times on the situation and evolution of clients, suppliers and prospects.
  • Study credit levels and payment delays.
  • Ascertain the purchase potential of your clients.
  • Know your suppliers.
  • Study the competition´s positioning

To read the full story, click on this link: Commercial_Creditv2

About:  INFORMA D&B is the company from Grupo CESCE, a leader in the supply of Commercial, Financial and Marketing Information both at domestic and international level, on companies and businessmen, in order to increase clients’ and suppliers’ knowledge and minimize business risk.

Source:  Informa D&B