Germany-based Palturai GmbH is expanding by taking over a majority ownership of AG. is an expert in the handling and processing of business information and job postings. With this step, Palturai strengthens its position as the leading European provider of business network insights. AG – called finBOT for short – has been working on developing and optimizing the ways large amounts of data are processed, accessed and handled for 24 years. Located in Meerbusch, North-Rhine Westphalia, they have grown along the rising challenges of big data and digitalization. Their customer base is comprised of middle-sized and large companies as well as government agencies. They specialize in company data and data regarding job openings.

The purpose of this company takeover is to improve and strengthen the service portfolio of both companies and to provide existing and future customers with even greater knowledge. While company data is openly available via public sources such as the Commercial Registry, it takes big data analyses, smart algorithms and intelligent implementation to make this kind of data utilizable on a large scale, allowing users to generate insights about economic agents.

A pioneer for knowledge graph technology, Palturai stands for clear, surprising business insights. “We network economic data and distill knowledge about business relationships from it. This enables our customers to work more efficiently and to make better decisions,” says Tilo Walter, founder and CEO of Palturai. Palturai has developed the Palturai BusinessGraph, a graph intelligence platform that visualizes the economic network of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, making it utilizable for analysis and research. “The acquisition of finBOT will allow us to provide our customers with even greater business insights thanks to higher data quality.” It is the vision of Palturai to revolutionize business analysis and to enable companies to fully capitalize their business relationships.

As a part of the acquisition process, Tilo Walter and Petra Kaul, CEO of Palturai, were appointed to the finBOT board of directors.

About Palturai

Why would most companies not know that a promising lead has connections to an existing customer? How come that they cannot automatically identify that an applicant is owned by a company previously flagged as fraudulent?

These questions resulted in the formation of Palturai in 2014. Key leaders of Germany’s top credit bureaus collaborated to revolutionize network analysis in banking, insurance and public investigation by creating the Palturai BusinessGraph: a powerful digital library that creates amazing, exclusive insights about the economy of Germany, Switzerland and Austria based on publicly available business data.

Source:  Palturai Press Release