Connotate, Inc., announced that it has acquired Fetch Technologies, the leader in making Web data accessible and useful for the enterprise.  Combining two leaders in the data aggregation space with a shared vision enables the company to quickly broaden its footprint and meet the growing demand for solutions that monitor and aggregate real-time Web data; delivering any data from any site any time in a structured format.

“Big data, social media and cloud-based computing are major drivers of complexity for business operations in the 21st century,” said Keith Cooper, CEO of Connotate.  “Connotate and Fetch are the only two companies to apply machine learning to web data extraction and can now take the best of both solutions to create a best-of-breed application that delivers inherent business value and real-time intelligence to companies of all sizes.”

Fetch Technologies helps companies access the precise, real-time Internet data they need to stay competitive. Fetch’s customized software agents navigate millions of websites to instantly deliver meaningful, useful and reliable data, and easily integrate with a company’s existing data management system for immediate analysis.  Fetch’s customized solutions free human talent to move toward new innovations and more targeted and informed business strategies.

Source:  Connotate Press Release