Alliance Enables SMBs to Automate Web Data Monitoring and Extraction to Reap Actionable Business Insights from Public Data

Connotate, Inc., the leading provider of solutions that help organizations monitor and collect data and content from the Web, today announced a strategic services partnership with Information Evolution, Inc. (IEI). The alliance will help small- to medium-sized businesses take advantage of the benefits of Big Data without devoting extensive human capital or technological investments. IEI customers can keep their databases updated with information from Web sources leveraging Connotate’s Agent Community data extraction and monitoring solution and IEI’s services team.

IEI is working with Connotate to build, execute and maintain the information-gathering process which includes the delivery of ready-to-use data sets in an agreed-upon format. Data set options are endless and can be delivered in a variety of formats including XML, Excel and email.

Source:  Yahoo Finance