BIG data picture 200Leading Independent Provider of Web Data Extraction Joins Multi-Vendor Initiative Aimed at Satisfying Demand for Big Data Solutions in Asia

Connotate, Inc. announced it is partnering with Shenzhen Plan Software Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen, Guangdong, China).  Under the terms of the agreement, Shenzhen Plan will resell Connotate’s solution throughout Asia and the Pacific Rim as part of its BigdataUnion initiative.

“Our partnership with Shenzhen Plan Software marks our expansion into Asia as well as further industry recognition of the growing role that Web data extraction will play in bringing business intelligence solutions to markets around the world,” said Matthew Jacobson, Senior Vice President of Channels at Connotate. “Connotate’s technology works in all languages, making it a perfect solution for international resellers like Shenzhen Plan who are pursuing global “Big Data” market opportunities.”

Shenzhen Plan Software is a reseller of international business intelligence solutions whose customers include BP-Petrochina, China Tobacco and China Datang Corporation. Shenzhen Plan selected Connotate as a foundation piece of its BigdataUnion initiative which targets the growing Big Data marketplace in China.  BigdataUnion is an evolving solution stack with analytics and visualization layered above Connotate’s advanced Web data monitoring and extraction technology. The BigdataUnion platform will support exchange, interaction and transactions for connecting European and U.S. suppliers with clients in Asia, especially China.

“We are pleased to be working with Connotate and to have this opportunity to bring their advanced Web data extraction technology to our growing installed base,” said Chelsy Cai, Brand Marketing Director at Shenzhen Plan Software. “Including Connotate will expand the capabilities and attractiveness of our business intelligence solutions.”

Connotate’s solution provides high-quality data capture from the Web to support business intelligence, analytics, content aggregation, workflow automation and competitive intelligence.