New Features Deliver Significant Value to Companies Collecting Web Data at Scale

Connotate, Inc., Web data announced new product capabilities that streamline operations and reduce costs by detecting changes to Web sites and automatically highlighting content that has changed.

The change detection with highlighting feature in Connotate’s software not only provides alerts that a Web site has changed, but also highlights the change in color to let analysts quickly pinpoint the modification.  Additional features in Connotate’s latest software release include:

  • Improved subscription management
  • Real-time receipt and verification of extracted data
  • Simplified “full story” action
  • Additional flexibility in site navigation to extract dynamic data

Connotate’s solution saves customers time and money by scaling up faster and easier than scripts or toolkits and by providing workflow support to streamline operations.  Connotate’s patented technology is also more resilient to Web site changes, reducing maintenance costs.