SCHUFA, Germany offers a short form commercial credit report (1 ½ pages max).  The cost of the short form report is EURO 9.50.   SCHUFA states that the credit worthiness of a company often depends also on the creditworthiness of its owner necessitating the blending of commercial and consumer credit information.  Thus its new offering is expected to provide deeper insights into the creditworthiness of SMEs.  SCHUFA has been working towards such an offering for some time.  In 2004 it entered into cooperation with Buergel, a supplier of commercial credit information and debt collection).  It entered into cooperation with Coface to collect trade information on SMEs.  SCHUFA claims to have a data base of 2.8 million financial statements from businesses and data on 66 million adults.  Source:  PASSWORD Germany

BIIA Newsletter Sept. I – 2010 Issue