CoreLogic_LogoNew integrative and self-serve administrative capabilities accelerate clients’ go-live implementations

CoreLogic®, an analytics and data-enabled services provider, launched an expanded version of Leasing Manager from CoreLogic, a cloud-based online leasing workflow solution for multifamily property owners and managers.

Prospective residents applying for an apartment home, leasing professionals and property managers will benefit from greater efficiencies offered by the fully integrated digital workflow. In addition to proprietary statistical lease screening, the enhanced platform offers property managers and owners full integration and configuration of lease forms for ancillary services including transfer of utilities, covered parking, storage units or washer/dryer rentals. For properties that require renters insurance as a condition of the lease, the configuration helps ensure an applicant’s compliance with this requirement.

For the applicant, Leasing Manager may be accessed from a computer, smartphone or tablet and takes consumers through five critical stages in the leasing lifecycle including:

  • Selecting and applying for an apartment home
  • Submitting fee payments
  • Meeting renters insurance requirements that satisfy lease conditions
  • Submitting required documents
  • Signing forms electronically with e-signature

For the leasing professional, Leasing Manager helps reduce administrative tasks related to moving the applicant through the leasing lifecycle by providing:

  • A new dashboard that delivers at-a-glance visibility with real-time, summary-level progress updates on the status of current applicants. The dashboard displays all application information, uploaded documents, date and time stamps of acknowledgments, “activity and actions” sections, and other process management tasks to help the leasing professional move the lease to final execution more efficiently. With a simple click, the leasing professional can drill-down to view detail-level reports from the summary table to reveal the progress of specific applicants.
  • Proprietary statistical-based applicant screening.
  • Prompts to the applicant that present the property’s requirements for renters insurance when required by the owner as a condition of the lease. Applicants may provide proof of insurance through Leasing Manager, which may reduce leasing professional tasks.
  • Required documents, forms and acknowledgements for the applicant at the precise moment they are needed. This convenience for the applicant also accelerates the leasing process for the leasing professional.

The expanded solution also includes a new self-service property manager module that allows staff to set up Leasing Manager for each specific property. Highlights include:

  • A simple interface and intuitive navigation to guide the property manager through the configuration process.
  • Workflow requirements, application forms, messaging for applicants and branding that can be configured at the community level.
  • Flexibility that gives owners the option to selectively include the elements of the workflow that fit their objectives. For instance, some may use the end-to-end turnkey option such as “shop and apply” and “screening” through to “e-signature.” Others may only use the service through background screening, and still others may want to incorporate a different payment processor.

“We’ve made it our priority to develop the Leasing Manager solution to go beyond simply providing online leasing support. This expanded solution is a flexible and fully integrated system that is intuitive and easy to use,” said Suzette LeSane, vice president of product management and delivery for CoreLogic. “Whether you’re the consumer looking to lease an apartment home, a leasing professional swamped with administrative work in these days of record-high occupancy rates, or an owner looking for efficiency and cost savings, Leasing Manager from CoreLogic has been designed to meet these unique needs with its best-in-class software and workflow connectivity.”

Leasing Manager from CoreLogic allows applicants to browse real-time vacancies, pricing and other information available through the property’s preferred property management platform. Applicant data, once entered, flows through the system with no re-entry required. Application fees and deposits paid by prospective residents are automatically updated in the property management software ledger and transferred to the property’s account.

Source:  CoreLogic Press Release