CoreLogic® has announced its Total Home Value for Marketing solution. This is the latest addition to the CoreLogic Total Home Value suite, a suite of Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) that incorporate new technologies to help deliver more accurate home values for specific business needs.

Total Home Value for Marketing is an AVM solution designed to help direct marketers, marketing firms, financial institutions, mortgage companies, home insurers, or any organization seeking to maximize their marketing return on investment by leveraging property-level valuation insight. By helping to reduce customer acquisition costs through refined customer segmentation, enhanced list yield and the highest hit rate of any Total Home Value AVM, Total Home Value for Marketing can help maximize a firm’s prospecting capabilities.

Total Home Value for Marketing is a part of the CoreLogic Total Home Value suite, a new approach to automated valuation models that simplifies the AVM selection and budgeting process. Many AVMs on the market today are designed for broad applications; as a result, businesses may be using AVMs that are not designed to support their specific use case. With Total Home Value, simply choose the solution that supports a specific business case (Originations, Risk Management, Portfolio Monitoring, Marketing, and Consumer), and you will receive an AVM solution designed specifically for that need. This provides a level of consistency in valuations across the loan lifecycle, as all Total Home Value solutions are built on a common model technology.

“Total Home Value for Marketing is part of our ongoing effort to transform the way AVMs are utilized within the mortgage and related industries,” says Ann Regan, executive, Product Management, Collateral Solutions for CoreLogic. “With a high hit rate that does not unduly sacrifice accuracy, this solution ensures that any business looking to target specific clients based on home value, be they mortgage lenders, credit card providers, or auto dealers, won’t leave any viable prospects on the table or misjudge the value of collateral at the outset.”

Total Home Value for Marketing is available in a Standard version that delivers truncated values, and a Premium version that delivers similar precision as AVMs used during risk management.