Total Home Value for Consumers allows lenders to proactively market to targeted audiences and provide clients with high quality AVMs

CoreLogic® (NYSE: CLGX), a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled solutions provider, has announced the introduction of its Total Home Value for Consumers automated valuation model (AVM) solution. This is the latest addition to the CoreLogic Total Home Value AVM suite – AVMs that incorporate new technologies to help deliver more accurate values and are designed to specific business needs.

Total Home Value for Consumers is an automated valuation model designed for mortgage lenders and online real estate information providers, allowing them to use their own website to provide consumers with the same AVM information used in the lending process. Since consumers often rely on third-party providers to get an idea of their home value, integrating this solution on their own sites will allow lenders to start their relationships with potential clients earlier in the process, potentially gaining new business and helping increase customer satisfaction.

Total Home Value for Consumers is a part of the CoreLogic Total Home Value suite – a new approach to automated valuation models made to simplify your AVM selection process. Currently, AVMs are designed with broad applications meaning that businesses may be using AVMs that are not ideal for their intended purpose. With Total Home Value, you simply choose the solution that best fits your business case (Portfolio Monitoring, Marketing, Consumer, etc.), and you will get an AVM solution designed specifically for that need – no more guessing which AVM to use.

“Total Home Value for Consumers is the latest in our ongoing efforts to transform the way AVMs are used and delivered,” said Ann Regan, executive, product management, Collateral Solutions for CoreLogic. “Mortgage professionals, Financial Services providers, and anyone looking to provide extra value for their customers, can now offer a high-quality AVM on their website, helping establish a relationship and building trust with potential prospects or existing users.”

Source: CoreLogic Press Release