Trade credit information from Cortera strengthens Moody Analytics risk scoring solution for small business lenders

Cortera, a leading provider of commercial information and analytics, is proud to announce that its trade credit data will be available in the Moody’s Analytics RiskCalc™ Small Business solution. The solution enables commercial lenders and credit analysts to assess the credit risk of smaller, private companies through an optimized combination of firmographics, financials, and trade and loan payment behaviors.

“We are thrilled to be part of fueling small business growth in the US,” shared Jim Swift, Cortera CEO. “Being involved in the entrepreneurial environment for years, I have seen companies struggle to secure funding from financial institutions. The RiskCalc Small Business solution makes it easier for lenders to extend credit to this market. The potential for a positive impact to those companies is substantial.”

Cortera was founded on the premise that organizations need broader, more predictive information about the risk associated with customers, partners and suppliers to protect their bottom line. They need more insights on private companies, which comprise 99% of US businesses. Every day, thousands of companies close their doors, leaving lenders exposed to credit losses.

Rather than just focusing on payments, like traditional commercial credit reporting agencies, the collaboration between Moody’s Analytics and Cortera uses a unique model to derive a predictive scoring system to gauge the risk of smaller, private companies. The RiskCalc Small Business solution helps lenders more accurately determine the creditworthiness of businesses that traditionally have been challenging to assess.

“Cortera has been a great partner,” said John Baer, Managing Director-Head of Small Business Lending Solutions at Moody’s Analytics. “Their contribution of trade credit data has added a powerful dimension to our small business solution, which will lead to faster scoring and improved time-to-decision for our clients.”

About Cortera

Cortera predicts outcomes. With over 25 years in financial services, we understand the vitality of commercial credit to economic growth. By building a network of smarter business intelligence, we uniquely help customers predict opportunity and risk from point of client acquisition through payment. Companies are now empowered with analytical insights in minutes, no matter size or skill set. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, Cortera is the fastest growing commercial credit network. For more information, visit

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