Scorecard System Offers New Functionality for Batch Files

Cortera, Inc., who recently announced the launch of Cortera Decisions, is pleased to announce that the credit scorecard capability is now available through Boost®. The added functionality allows users to process batch files of multiple records through Decisions scorecards and receive immediate results.

Cortera Decisions enables Cortera customers to upload batch data files through Boost, select the desired scorecard from their library and receive credit decisions, along with recommended credit limits, within minutes. Boost is Cortera’s web-based, self service tool that gives businesses in-depth insights on their customers and prospects. Using Cortera Decisions with Boost enables companies to refresh the risk view of their customer portfolio to identify accounts where credit limits should be analyzed for tightening or loosening.

“The interest shown in the new Cortera Decisions product has already been overwhelmingly positive,” said Cortera’s CEO Jim Swift. “Customers have responded favorably to the simplicity and accuracy of the scorecard system. The Decisions batch functionality provides new analytic capabilities for portfolio scoring and credit limit management in a way that saves time and cost.”

Cortera Decisions is available for all Cortera Pulse customers by logging into Pulse and selecting customers already in the system or uploading new files.

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Source:  Cortera Press Release