Financial Data Added to Reports Along with New Functionality to Decisions

Cortera, Inc., a leading provider of business-to-business analytics and cloud-based risk management solutions, announces another release of new product features and system enhancements.  New functionality has been added to Cortera Decisions, a primary scorecard automation system, along with new financial data statements added to the Cortera Deep Dive Reports.

Cortera, known for its continual strive to meet customer needs and demands, adds updates to its system every three weeks.  The combination of meticulous product design and Cortera’s proprietary software engine, known as SOFIETM, allows Cortera to quickly and effectively respond to growing customer requests and opportunities.

Cortera DecisionsTM will now provide users with the ability to set minimum and maximum credit limits in order to allow customers to control risk with more precision.  In addition, Cortera Deep Dive reports, which are constantly being molded to fit the needs of risk managers, now contain public company financial data to aid credit managers in their risk analysis.

“Cortera’s goal in implementing product releases every three weeks is to constantly provide businesses with the most powerful and functional credit risk tools on the market,” said Cortera’s CEO Jim Swift.  “Customer feedback from the recent release of Cortera Decisions has been positive and these new enhancements serve to turn that feedback into new features that continue to refine the product to meet customer needs.”

Source: Cortera Press Release