d&b logoD&B India has published its D&B Economy Observer February Issue 2014.  The document contains recent economic developments and commentary. 

It also contains a special article on India’s insurance sector:

Technology is being seen as a game changer as it is going to drive the way for conducting insurance business in future. Going forward, insurance spending on IT is expected to increase as evolved technology led distribution and simple transparent products will drive growth. Insurers in India are working to digitalize processes – especially at the front end to enhance revenue through better reach and by offering comfort to customers.  The regulatory decisions on distribution, products and processes like allowing e-KYC, launch of e-insurance account – which digitizes all insurance policies in one place online and the Integrated Grievance Mechanism System are huge steps forward.

To read the full story click on this link: 2014-02-26 DB Economy Observer February 2014 Issue 82

Source:  D&B India