Flag of ItalyThe number of bankruptcies among Italian companies continues to decrease. The second trimester of 2016 has confirmed the positive trend emerged at the beginning of the year, underlining an inverse tendency compared to the past years which were characterized by an alarming increase in bankrupticies, reaching a peak in 2014.

During the second trimester of 2016 the companies in Italy which have filed for bankruptcy amount to 3.740, 2,5% less compared to a year ago when the number of bankrupticies reached an amount of 3.777 companies. Since the beginning of the year, instead, 7.343 have been the companies which have declared bankruptcy, amounting to an average of 58 companies closing a day.

On the other hand, when comparing to 2014 the decrease in the number of bankruptcies amounts to a percentage of 7,6%. However, a wide negative gap still remains when looking at the situation in 2009: if we confront today’s data with that of 7 years ago bankrupticies have increased by a percentage of 59,9%.

This is briefly what has emerged in the Analysis of bankruptcies in Italy, updated as of the end of June 2016, conducted by CRIBIS cribisD&B, a CRIF Group company specialized in the selling of business information.

Source:  CRIBIS News Release