• Australia – slow growth, but no interest rate cut;
  • Ghana – a remarkable court case;
  • Latvia – Brussels gives the green light for Eurozone entry;
  • Poland – the CB is not at the end of its easing cycle yet;
  • Venezuela – shortages of dollars and basic goods going from bad to worse.

Further news in this report: 

  • FINLAND:  The country has entered into yet another recession ….
  • GERMANY:  The outlook continues to be for moderate growth with very little inflation ….
  • GREECE: With the IMF having approved another installment from the second bailout and with other positive signs, investors have suddenly become attracted to Greek risk ….
  • IRAN:  The latest addition to the US sanctions adds a global network of front companies to a blacklist ….
  • ITALY: The EU has recommended lifting the excessive-deficit procedure to give Rome a bit more room for maneuver ….
  • JAPAN:  Statistics show the early sugar rush Abenomics have produced for the economy ….
  • NIGERIA: There is currently little risk of the insurgency in the Niger Delta coming back to haunt the authorities in Lagos ….
  • TURKEY:  PM Erdogan may be forgiven for his wishful description of the demonstrators challenging him as wild-eyed extremists ….

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