Atradius 150Atradius published its “Payment Practices Barometer Asia Pacific 2016”.  Here is an excerpt of key takeaways form the study:

  • Nearly 90% of the survey respondents in Asia Pacific reported having experienced late payment of invoices from their B2B customers over the past year
  • Singapore appears to be the most trade credit friendly country in Asia Pacific and China the least
  • Respondents in Japan most likely to offer credit terms domestically; those in Singapore internationally
  • Chinese suppliers granted B2B customers markedly shorter payment terms than last year
  • Domestic and foreign customers of Japanese suppliers settle past due invoices the swiftest
  • Taiwan and Indonesia most impacted by domestic late payment due to customers’ liquidity issues
  • Late payment caused a knock-on effect throughout the supply chain most often in India

Around half of the respondents in Asia Pacific plan on checking the creditworthiness of their customers more often.  That could bode well for credit information suppliers

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Source:  Atradius