• Australia – Kevin Rudd is back as Premier
  • Argentina – official FX reserves are dwindling and the creation of a new kind of funny money
  • Ecuador – thumbing its nose at the US;
  • Mongolia – a re-elected President;
  • Qatar – an unusual succession story.
  • Sierra Leone – bankers and others are banned from travelling abroad without police clearance;
  • Thailand – a sharp cut in rice subsidies and a new Commerce Minister.

BANGLADESH: The US decision to cancel GSP privileges will have more of a symbolic impact than a real one ….

CHINA: Despite the brief surge of money market rates there is no real risk of a systemic crash …..

CZECH REPUBLIC:  Premature elections may yet become necessary ….

CONGO (DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC):  A new UN force is being put in place to combat M23 rebels, but its success is far from certain ….

CROATIA: The country has joined the EU at a time when it is facing a fifth year of recession and Brussels is still trying to contain the Eurozone crisis….

EGYPT:   As the country is headed for potentially disastrous confrontations between opponents and supporters of Pres. Morsi, the military is the wild card one needs to keep an eye on …..  There is no telling yet what the ultimate outcome of the coup will be that deposed President Morsi, but it is clear that the military will continue to be the key ….

GREECE:  Ways will undoubtedly be found to plug the newly opened shortfall in the country’s financial rescue program that is prompting the IMF to threaten to cut off aid ….

INDIA:   The downward pressure that has come to bear on the Indian rupee may not be totally “India-specific,” as some analysts insist, but the currency has done worse than others in Asia ….

IRELAND: Falling exports have put the country back into recession just as hopes were rising that it would be able to exit successfully from its bailout program …

KUWAIT:  The latest dissolution of parliament raises fresh questions about this body’s proper role and it will put a further damper on economic development, which is already hampered by cronyism and handouts ….

PHILIPPINES:  The local stock market has taken a beating ….

PORTUGAL:  The resignation of the second Cabinet official in two days has sharply increased the risk that early elections may have to be held ….

SWITZERLAND:  Now that parliament has rejected a plan allowing banks to settle with the US over their role in helping Americans to evade taxes, Swiss banks are back in a terrible bind ….

TURKEY:  Much of the commentary has lately been focused on the damage the government’s treatment of protesters is doing to Turkey’s relations with the EU ….

UNITED KINGDOM:  While the economy is starting to show signs of life, austerity policies will have to be sustained past the next elections ….

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