Credinform Russia we-find-solution200Entering into new partnerships is one of development strategies of Credinform (Russia) in 2015.

Constructive relationships with High schools and educational centers were established for further training to bring comprehensive practical knowledge about credit risk mitigation to young and experienced professionals in Russia starting at the North-West region. St. Petersburg’s leading universities and educational centers welcomed the idea of Credinform to co-operate in this sphere. Today the benefits of such partnerships are already visible.

The parties agreed to include interactive lectures conducted by Credinform analysts into the appropriate training programs: Russian President programs, MBA programs, advanced trainings for senior and middle managers, business owners as well as training programs for students and post-graduates in relevant areas.

Each of the chosen presentations highlights business challenges in Russia and ways of their solving by means of information and analytical system Globas-i®, such as: existing and new business partner check, “fly-by-night” company disclosure, reputational risk assessment, new partner search, analysis of financial and economic activity of investigated companies, monitoring of customers and suppliers, competitive environment analysis, evaluation of position in the industry etc.

The system Globas-i® can be used by corporates from any industry and be highly beneficial for business professionals from various departments: security, credit risk management, sales and procurements, legal, control and audit, marketing etc.

The Information Agency Credinform launched this year webinars. Russian entrepreneurs, executives and credit professionals improve their basic knowledge about the sources of company data, related laws etc. but also learn more deeply content and analytical tools of the system Globas-i® to apply it in practice in the most efficient way.

Source:  Credinform Russia