The company expects ‘positive impact’ from the launch of the digital banks

Credit Bureau Asia has reported earnings of $4 million for 1HFY2022 ended June, up 2% y-o-y. Revenue in the same period was up 5% to $23.5 million.

“In spite of the challenging environment, we are able to register a resilient performance for the first half of the year,” says executive chairman Kevin Koo.  “Moving forward, we will focus on growing our business, identifying new opportunities and optimising cost through increasing productivity,” he adds.

The company plans to pay an interim dividend of 1.7 cents per share.

The company believes that with the four digital banks having either launched or poised to be in business, it can expect to enjoy a positive impact.

Outside of Singapore, such as Cambodia, its business there “exceeds expectations”.  Credit Bureau Asia closed Aug 5 at $1.01, down 0.98%.

About:  Credit Bureau Asia (CBA) is one of the region’s largest provider of consumer and commercial credit information to an extensive network of over 200 countries worldwide. With a comprehensive coverage of more than 330 million credit files, Credit Bureau Asia provides nation-wide and cross-border credit reporting services. We enable companies across a wide spectrum of industries including banks, financial institutions, government agencies, multi-national corporations (MNCs), telecommunications and local enterprises to make better credit and lending decisions daily.

Today, Credit Bureau Asia Group of Companies remains one of the largest credit information provider and a leader in global credit information within the region and beyond.

Source:  The Edge Singapore