BIIA Co-founder member Outsell Inc. has issued its latest Credit & Financial Information 2012 Market Size, Share, Forecast, and Trend Report authored by Pooneh Fooladi, Outsell’s Director & Market Analyst

This report provides an in-depth view of the Credit & Financial Information (C&F) marketplace, which we size at $52.6 billion for 2011, up 7.0% from 2010. We include detailed analysis of market trends and our forecast for this segment’s growth and performance to 2015. Additionally, Outsell’s 10 to Watch section casts light on some established companies in this segment and some critical up and coming companies and the disruptive forces they embody. The report includes:

An overview of the Credit & Financial Information market performance and forecast, including size and growth data from 2007-2015;

  • The Credit & Financial Information market value chain;
  • Merger, acquisition, and divestiture activity;
  • Segment composition, global coverage, and business model analysis;
  • Competitive concentration and market leader performance analysis;
  • Emerging disruptors and Outsell’s 10 to Watch;
  • Revenue performance of the top 100 companies in this segment;
  • Essential actions for publishers and information providers to succeed in this market.

Source: Outsell Inc.

The report can be purchased from the Outsell Inc. Online Store