OUTSELL, INC. has released its report on the global Credit & Financial Information (C&F) market. 

The C&F market size in 2008 was $42.1 billion and is forecasted to grow to $44.9 billion by 2012, a four-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1.6%.  The first two years of the forecast period, 2009 and 2010, will be particularly difficult for the segment, with revenues declining in 2009 and only making a very modest recovery in 2010.

Outsell’s forecast is based on separate consideration of three sub-segments of the Credit & Financial Information marketplace because of significant differences in the timings (in relation to the projected economic recovery) of the main drivers impacting on revenues. These sub-segments are: Credit information accounting for an estimated 27% of C&F revenues in 2008; credit rating agencies accounting for an estimated 15% of C&F revenues in 2008 and financial information , accounting for an estimated 58% of C&F revenues in 2008.

The net growth forecast for the total segment, set alongside growth predictions for the information industry as a whole, is outlined in the chart opposite.

In this report, Outsell Inc. focuses on essential data and analysis providing an in-depth view into the Credit & Financial Information (C&F) segment. This report includes detailed analysis of market trends and forecast for this segment’s growth and performance to 2012.  Additionally, the 10 to Watch section casts light on some established companies in this segment and some critical up and coming companies, and the disruptive forces they embody.    To order the report contact:  Outsell Inc.

BIIA Newsletter November 2009 Issue