Credit and Information are intertwined. The World Bank stresses the importance of information in risk assessment and has now become the champion for information pooling in emerging markets concentrating on the financial sector only (consumer and commercial credit bureaus).  This leaves out other credit grantors (trade credit).  Should the credit fraternity (FCIB) intervene to obtain access to such information for its members?

Excerpt of the discussions:  The FCIB has now started a dialog with the Word Bank, especially to see whether they can have access to closed user groups such as bank credit bureaus.  The trade credit fraternity considers trade credit just as important as bank credit.


The World Bank stresses credit and information, but the ‘three actual essentials’ are credit, information and credit management.  Since the World Bank has left credit management out of the equation and in the light of the increasing complexity in granting credit in world markets, how important is it that information companies and credit management work together to improve the value of information?