What a difference three months make.   Moody’s ratings services in Q2 were up over 30%, now they are down 2% y-o-y in Q3.  Standard & Poor’s rating services were up 18% in Q2, now down 1% y-o-y basis in Q3.

The double digit growth of indices and analytical services indicates an increasing value in benchmarking services and powerful analytics.   These services are the result of a huge quantity of data and knowledge accumulated over a long period of time.  Perhaps a good example of how BIG DATA is being put to good use.  This is an advantage which new upstarts in rating services will not be able to match for some time.

Revenue growths of Experian, Equifax and D&B for the third quarter reflect a recovery of credit information sector notwithstanding poor and uncertain economic conditions.  D&B’s revenues are perking up on a quarter to quarter basis.  It has just released five new products and more are in the pipeline.