BIIA has asked Phil Cotter, an expert in credit information to write a series of articles on the state of the credit information industry.  This is part one of four articles posted on

As we move into the post-recession, post-credit crunch era, it is pertinent to take a look at what shape the global credit information players are in and how they intend to grow their businesses in the future. Over the course of four articles we will look at the strategies of the largest players Experian, Equifax, FICO, D&B, two emerging players Cortera and Creditsafe as well as some regional players such as Creditreform & Coface who intended to be game changers by launching the EASY Number. In a time of continuing uncertainty, how does each of these organizations plan to extend their services to customers and increase their returns to shareholders?

Phil Cotter is an expert in the Consumer and Commercial Credit Information industry and BIIA’s newest contributing staff writer. He can be reached at: e-mail address:

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