Personal finance company is the most comprehensive free U.S. online credit monitoring service

Credit Karma announced it is adding Equifax to its flagship free credit monitoring service.  For the first time, Americans will be able to have two major credit reports monitored proactively for free, which can help them manage their credit health or stay alert of possible signs of identity theft.

Credit Karma’s credit monitoring service can track the credit reports of as many as 75 million Americans, or more than one in three Americans with a credit score, on a daily basis.  The service proactively notifies members of significant changes to their credit report, including when there’s a new hard inquiry or application for credit, a new account is opened in their name, a creditor registers a delinquency, the status of an account has changed, new personal information such as a name or address has been added, or when a new legal item like a lien or bankruptcy has been reported.

Launched in 2012, Credit Karma’s credit monitoring service was the first and only way Americans could receive free credit scores and free credit monitoring through a mobile app. Until now, consumers paid $215 each year — and often, much more — to monitor their credit reports with more than one credit bureau. A consumer’s credit reports may not always match because credit bureaus gather information from different sources at varying times.

Credit Karma began its partnership with Equifax in 2014, when it became the first company to provide free credit scores and credit reports on an ongoing basis from two major credit bureaus in the U.S.

About Credit Karma
Founded in 2007, Credit Karma is a personal finance company that’s focused on helping everyone make financial progress. Whether they’re interested in getting a better deal on a loan, looking for ways to save, or simply monitoring their credit, we offer a range of tools and personalized recommendations designed to help them make the most of their money. Our business model is unique in that no matter what new products or services we introduce, we’re committed to providing a service that’s always free. With more than 75 million members, we help people gain insight into their finances and credit information – and ultimately, improve their financial standing.

Source: Credit Karma Press Release