A new report published by Accenture in September found that risk management is figuring into more and more companies’ decision –making processes as they continue to adapt to the market.  The 2013 edition of Accenture’s Global Risk Management study found that 98% of firms surveyed give a higher priority to risk management now than they did two years ago, and that 81% of risk managers discuss risk regularly with their company’s board of directors.

One of the Accenture recommendations runs counter to the current trend of relying largely on data, analytics and technology.  Accenture is urging businesses to focus more on the human element.  Risk management should be treated as a people game.

Jacob Barron, CICP, staff writer of the National Association of Credit Management, has written a review of the Accenture study.  His review was published in the recent November December 2013 issue of “Business Credit”.   We thank Jacob Barron for making the article available for the BIIA membership.

To read article please click on this link:   BC-NovDec13_Barron