experianAn Experian survey revealed that women have higher credit scores, less debt and fewer late payments than men

When it comes to credit, who has more financial finesse—men or women? According to the latest analysis from Experian®, the divide between men and women is notable when it comes to how they handle money, debt and financial decisions. Some highlights:

  • Women’s average credit score is 675 compared with men’s average score of 670
  • Women have 3.7 percent less average debt*
  • Women have 23.5 percent more open credit cards**
  • Women’s revolving utilization ratio*** is 4.2 percent lower
  • Women’s average mortgage loan amount is 7.9 percent less
  • Women have a lower incidence of late mortgage payments by 8.1 percent

The report analyzed multiple categories including credit scores, average debt, number of open credit cards, utilization ratios, mortgage amounts and mortgage delinquencies of men and women in the United States.

*Notations: See entire report

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