According to Crunchbase L2C received $4 Million in 2 Rounds from 2 Investors

L2C was founded in 2000 by Mike Mondelli, the current CEO.  He focuses on Business and Product Development for L2C and is a thought leader in consumer credit scoring using alternative payment data.  Mike has led the installation of L2C\’s family of risk and marketing scores for Fortune 500 clients through the development of innovative distribution agreements for L2C services through TransUnion and Equifax.

About L2C Inc.:  L2C solutions use alternative, leading indicator data to inject insight, clarity and confidence into credit risk decisions across the credit lifecycle. L2C’s unique product suite provides customers with the data required to make proactive, intelligent and informed decisions that lead to higher growth, lower risk and improved profit margins. Our increasingly diverse client base reports significantly improved metrics in the areas of marketing, acquisitions and approvals, fraud, account and portfolio management, up-sell and cross-sell activities, delinquency management and overall consumer risk assessment. L2C’s unique value proposition is that our solutions do not replace an organization’s credit decisioning structure; rather they enhance it using new data sources and proprietary models. In this way, L2C provides greater insight into risks posed by existing customers and lets you approve more customers that may have been previously rejected because of incomplete credit histories. L2C provides a solid consumer credit platform to work from and the competitive edge needed for business growth in today’s risk-laden operating environment.