Credit score company has added another string to its bow by launching a free business solution – Credit Simple for Business – aimed at helping small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in Australia and New Zealand assess their business’ credit score and risk profile. Credit Simple will deliver business credit scores and risk profiles for SMEs from illion (formerly Dun & Bradstreet).

More than 1.2 million people have signed up to Credit Simple across Australia and New Zealand, accessing their own credit score and credit information instantly, online and free. Now the company is turning its attention to businesses, in particular SMEs, to offer them the same benefits – Credit Simple for Business works the same way Credit Simple does for consumers.

Credit Simple CEO David Scognamiglio said the new initiative is the latest in a line of ways the credit score company is evolving to better meet the needs of consumers and the business world alike.

“Credit Simple is not just about giving free access to credit scores for consumers,” Mr Scognamiglio said. “In the past year we’ve launched a number of new initiatives through the Credit Simple platform, including spend tracker Money Simple and Clear Name, a way for consumers to pay off unpaid defaults at a discount. Credit Simple is constantly evolving with new ways to crunch credit information and help people live their best financial lives.

Source: Scoop