Quickly make decisions based on up-to-date, valid credit information – this is an important factor in the success of traders in digital commerce. Creditreform Boniversum GmbH provides consumer information and integrated risk management solutions to the entire lending industry, such as online retailers. 

The portfolio, which includes the proven data management solution “CUBE”, was expanded to include an entry-level solution in time for “Internet World Expo 2019”. With immediate effect, SMEs can carry out risk examinations easily, cost-effectively and automatically, as well as manage and optimize related processes.

With the established SaaS platform “CUBE”, Boniversum combines the advantages of an independent multi-agency interface and a scalable risk management software. The modular platform allows traders to integrate various Boniversum services and other external data sources, as well as proprietary information on products, payment history and specific fraud indicators, or historical application data and matching lists. The modules range from address, identity and credit checks, to velocity checks and existing customer management, to IBAN-based checks and much more.

CUBE is an easy-to-use and easy-to-install system that does not require extensive setup or rollout effort. The results include cost and time savings.

Fast entry for SMEs – Counteracting payment defaults

“In e-commerce, the payment behavior of customers is worse than in many other sectors of the economy. Due to the lack of proximity to the retailer, the simplicity and speed of shopping and the anonymity of the Internet, the threshold for making purchases that are not paid decreases,” explains Adrian Brosterhues-Niedziolka, Head of Project Management Risk Solutions at Creditreform Boniversum GmbH. “Especially for small and medium-sized online retailers, such payment defaults can be a problem,” adds Adrian Brosterhues-Niedziolka.

Boniversum has developed a new standard product that supports SMEs quickly and easily in decision-making and process management. The new entry-level solution is based on “CUBE” and is a lean, cost-effective, standardized, yet parameterizable system that can be expanded into a comprehensive risk management platform. Just like its big brother “CUBE”, the entry-level solution for companies in any industry offers more than a mere credit check. It enables the rapid availability and processing of data as well as the automation of processes from a single source.

Smart data – also on an international basis

“With our solutions for digital commerce, we make data resources available to companies within seconds and usable. The trader receives credit-relevant data, and precisely at the point where the target group of the respective trader is really active. In addition to the information about consumers that we offer at Boniversum, there is also the option of integrating additional data sources, “explains Adrian Brosterhues-Niedziolka.

“CUBE” offers interfaces to renowned credit reporting agencies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium as well as to address service providers worldwide. Thus, the requirements of the Geoblocking Regulation can be met. The new entry-level solution covers the DACH region.

From automated to adaptive systems

With the help of the Boniversum solutions, companies can make the digital transformation in retail safer, make better use of the resulting potential and develop new, specific business models. Adrian Brosterhues-Niedziolka gives an outlook: “We are gradually working on new, smart developments to support the digital economy and its value-added processes – one of the next logical steps for us is to develop our own products based on artificial intelligence.”

About Boniversum

Creditreform Boniversum GmbH (Boniversum) is one of the leading providers of credit information on individuals in Germany. Boniversum was founded in 1997 and is part of the Creditreform Group. The company provides consumer information and integrated risk management solutions to the lending industry such as mail order companies, online shops, tourism companies, banks, insurance companies, housing companies and many more. In collaboration with renowned partners and institutes, Boniversum regularly publishes extensive surveys and surveys to anticipate trends at an early stage and to predict changes in consumer or debtor behavior or credit affinity.

Source: Creditreform Boniversum Press Release