New data protection hub of Creditreform Compliance Services GmbH online!

Many companies are currently faced with the challenge of examining which new legislation is relevant in the EU Basic Data Protection Regulation. The fines have risen drastically and ensure that data protection is at the top of the list of priorities.  For this purpose Creditreform Compliance Services GmbH has developed a unique tool.  The data protection hub ensures that you are quickly familiar with the EU Basic Data Protection Act based on the well-known paragraphs of the German Data Protection Act.

Quickly find the relevant requirements in the EU Data Protection Code!

Just enter the previously known paragraph from the BDSG and one will get important information about the new standard with title and the appropriate recitals. The EU-DSGVO also applies directly in Germany and must be taken into account. In the future, the articles of the EU-DSGVO will thus become a craft tool for the data protector.

With Creditreform hub, one can check whether there are similar regulations in the EU Data Protection Code and where these can be found. But even if one is confronted with a new article from the EU Data Protection Code, one can quickly find out whether there was a similar rule in the current BDSG. In addition, one will find a reference to the recitals that illuminate the content of the article and contain helpful interpretations.

Use the Creditreform guide through the EU-DSGVO jungle

Facilitate the extensive examinations within the framework of the inventory or gap analysis in a respective company. The Creditreform hub will help to quickly find the way to the new standards.

Source: Creditreform Press Release