FirmenWissen (Neuss, Germany) has expanded its product offering with a cooperation with GBI-GENIOS (Munich) to include press data  that ensures an intelligent combination of news and company profiles.   In total 801 press sources are included in the offer, sourced from local newspapers (for example Kölner Stadtanzeiger, Stuttgarter Nachrichten) supra-regional daily and weekly newspapers (including the F.A.Z., Handelsblatt, the clock) and magazines.

FirmenWissen explains: “through the expertise of GBI-GENIOS in the Keywording, an intelligent link is created by articles and company data.  Thus, we are able to bring together information from different databases at one point. “It means for users of information: all information at a glance – and at one click! “-  The current data inventory of FirmenWissen consists of:  3.4 million short form and company profiles; weekly data updates,  1,3 million financial profiles (exclusive company profiles with financial statements benchmarks) – 6.6 million financial statements delivered in form of a EXCEL file; 3.4 million credit reports and 1.5 million business addresses.

Source:  BIIA Partner Password Germany