Following its start in China, Creditreform (Neuss) expects to expand its engagements outside Europe. Creditreform sees itself as the “European market leader for business information services and receivable management” with a presence in 20 European countries with its own country specific companies.

Creditreform expects, within 5 years, to become one of the leading business information suppliers in China. Already today its credit reports are superior of those of its competition, comments Creditreform: “other service providers offer translations from official sources, to be converted into “synthetic credit reports”. Its own credit reports however would be researched and are current. China reports can be ordered on The China database is expected to reach 1 million records of Chinese enterprises and to be available online within the next three years.  Initial emphasis will be the Shanghai economic region. Other significant economic regions are to follow. Marketing efforts are initially targeted at Chinese exporters and companies who are active in China. International marketing of Chinese business information is to follow. Creditreform China also offers account receivable services. Members of the board of directors are William Bastiaan, Julian Chen, Tim Thomann and Patrick Connelly.”  Source: BIIA Partner PASSWORD Germany

BIIA Newsletter January – 2009 Issue