Udo Pyszny, General Manager of Creditreform recently indicated in an interview with PASSWORD his interest to expand in Asia.  To put weight behind such a statement, Creditreform has now appointed Dr. Dieter Suedhofen to lead Creditreform’s global business development.  Dr. Suedhofen was, until recently, responsible for international operations.

Creditreform claims to be the largest credit information supplier in Europe, based on its strength in Germany, Central and Eastern Europe. Creditreform has always concentrated on its local strength of market dominance and leadership in quality.  It is now working on a transition to become a technology based organization with the introduction of two new data centers, new platforms and innovative capabilities.  More than 200 employees are currently working on the project, which should be completed by early 2009.  With the Suedhofen appointment It can be expected that Creditreform will be ready to tackle further expansion in earnest. Source: PASSWORD Germany

BIIA Newsletter September – 2007 Issue