Creditreform Rating has recently published a multi-dimensional assessment of vulnerability to Covid-19

In order to assess the potential impact of Covid19 on the EU member states and on the United Kingdom (UK), Creditreform Rating has created the Pandemic Vulnerability Index, or PVI for short. The PVI is a measure that aims to capture the degree to which the different economies in Europe are vulnerable to pandemics such as Covid-19. The PVI provides a rough indication of the potential economic, health, and social consequences of a pandemic outbreak by identifying different risk dimensions and country-specific exposures.

By definition, the PVI is a ratio that can be used for an intra-European peer comparison (EU-27 and UK). Hence, the index is a relative measure, rather than a measure providing absolute Structural Pandemic Vulnerability in Europe.

To download the report, please click on this link: Creditreform Rating_Pandemic Vulnerability Index – EN (002)

Courtesy Creditreform Rating Germany