creditsafe_simplysmarter_RGB_300Creditsafe launches instant company credit reports in another 9 countries across the worldCreditsafe now offers information in 102 languages on over 190 million companies in 51 countries

Creditsafe has announced that it has added over 40 million new reports to its system that are now available to view instantly online.  This means the Creditsafe system now provides information on over 190 million companies in 51 countries, including Australia, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Taiwan.

Moving into a foreign market can be difficult and there are many aspects to consider when expanding overseas, including a need for accurate data. To make international trading as easy as possible for its customers, Creditsafe’s company credit reports have an international score, which allows customers to compare company credit scores across the globe.

By using the same scoring range and risk descriptions for all countries, Creditsafe makes it easy for its customers to compare reports. The score is designed with simplicity, ranging from A-E, with A being the lowest risk, D being the highest risk and E being unrated. The credit score is based on the likelihood of a company becoming insolvent within the next 12 months.

The range of information Creditsafe can obtain in each country will vary. Using official sources and registries, Creditsafe is able to quickly answer questions about a company’s stability and financial health. Where official information is not available, Creditsafe will conduct a direct interview with the business and freshly investigate.

Source:  Creditsafe News Release