Creditsafe 200 100Designed to Help Small Businesses Manage Sales Pipelines

Creditsafe has launched a new lead management tool; Sales Joe. The tool enables organisations to build effective sales campaigns on the basis of company information from the Creditsafe database; thus ensuring that all the information provided to target their audience is up-to-date, fresh and accurate.

Fully loaded with over 12 million decision maker contacts, Sales Joe enables sales teams to maintain a complete overview of activities, tasks, deals/opportunities and companies to target for both individual and sales team purposes. It allows target audiences to be narrowed down by filters such as industry type, location, risk profile, number of employees and annual turnover.

The aim of Sales Joe is to manage prospecting efforts in one place; allowing sales teams to organise all their daily tasks on an easy to use platform. Each campaign can be supplemented with personal notes added by individuals or sales teams and each administrator such as a team leader can set tasks for their teams and see their progress with opportunities and sales.

Sales Joe can help track and measure sales efforts in one place and is suitable for any business to business organisation, whether they have one employee or 10.

Rachel Mainwaring, Operations Director at Creditsafe, commented: “Our aim is to make information from our database as useful as possible for organisations, so that they can build credit risk data into every business process including sales and marketing. Sales Joe is an easy to use system that enables sales teams to set up campaigns quickly and effectively and to ensure that prospects are contacted at the appropriate time.”

Source:  Creditsafe News