Supply Chain Risk300With the aim to allow companies to collaborate with their suppliers in a more efficient and effective way and, at the same time, with the goal to foresee and reduce risks related to partial and unreliable information connected with them, arises the partnership between CRIBIS D&B and IUNGOitalia, leading company in Italy for supply chain collaboration solutions and supply chain integration.

Thanks to this collaboration between CRIBIS D&B data and IUNGO solutions will be possible at any time for companies to request information which will give an accurate picture of the supplier they are considering, within both a scouting process and in the evaluation of an existent or a new company, from the order management and requests for tender to reports and Suppliers List.  Output information, structured in reports, are supplied with different levels of detail and equipped with both predicted-value data, which allow to evaluate companies’ capacity to fulfill duties imposed by the market, and brief instructions of how to proceed.

Evaluating and monitoring a partner company’s economic-financial reliability is a fundamental asset for every enterprise, since a not adequately solid supplier could cause problems in timing supply and in quality of goods: with CRIBIS D&B-IUNGO partnership will be easier to manage risks related to Supply Chain.

CRIBIS D&B and IUNGO have planned a Workshop, scheduled October 14 in Bologna, covering Supply Chain integration and Suppliers List risks reduction topics. Free entry as long as seats are available.  Register now!

Source: CREBIS D&B