CRIF Deltavista 300This latest move by CRIF further reinforces its business in Germany and Poland by acquiring Deltavista’s operations.  Rather than integrating the recently acquired Bürgel operation with Deltavista, CRIF is using a two pronged approach:  Deltavista identifies, collects, aggregates and interprets risk relevant data in order to provide credit decisions targeted at banks, telcos, energy, insurance and e-commerce companies.  Bürgel will continue to focus on users of consumer and commercial credit information solutions.  No doubt Carlo Gherardi, President and CEO of CRIF, will exploit the inherited synergies in data, software and market presence in due course.  Competitively speaking, it will be a new ball game in Germany.

Deltavista is one of the leading providers of credit bureau data and risk management services in Germany and Poland, helping organizations optimize risk management and their address processes with accurate data on private individuals and companies.Specifically, with a cutting edge platform and solutions, Deltavista currently serves banks, telcos, energy, insurance and e-commerce companies with identification checks, address management tools, automated data consolidation solutions, customizable decision-making models and anti-money laundering solutions.

DeltavistaThis transaction will further strengthen CRIF’s industry-leading positioning in the field of banking credit information and risk management solutions in continental Europe as well as enabling the company to exploit synergies with the other local offices already established in those countries.

In 2011, CRIF acquired Deltavista’s and Teledata’s business in Switzerland and Austria in line with its increasing investment plan in the DACH region in order to provide clients with greater added-value services and a comprehensive suite of risk management solutions in German-speaking countries. The successful integration has allowed CRIF to meet different needs and widen its service portfolio to serve financial institutions, companies, and consumers, and to become a benchmark in the e-commerce sector.

“The successes achieved in Germany, Switzerland and Austria make us confident that German and Polish operations will accelerate their growth and benefit from the Group’s synergies. We are always driven by innovation to serve our clients’ needs and fulfil our commitment to them.

By combining CRIF’s information systems and software solutions with Bürgel and Deltavista‘s data and risk management support systems, we will be able to support our clients to take informed decisions and operate competitively in an increasingly demanding market in terms of advanced solutions and technological flexibility”, said Carlo Gherardi, President and CEO of CRIF.

As to Poland, the acquisition of the Deltavista companies, which are successfully offering advanced consumer information solutions combined with CRIF business information activities, which are already in place, will provide very advanced solutions to the Polish market.

About Deltavista Group
Founded in 1994, Deltavista Group is one of the leading credit bureaus and risk management providers in German-speaking Europe. For the purpose of risk management, Deltavista identifies, collects, aggregates and interprets risk relevant data in order to provide credit decisions. Deltavista as a credit agency combines the specialist technical expertise of more than 140 employees in Karlsruhe, Krakow and Munich, and operates data pool solutions for identification, risk assessment and customer relationship management.

Source: CRIF Press Release