Bologna (Italy) , 22/09/2009 CRIF Decision Solutions, part of the CRIF Group, specializing in the development of decision support solutions, and RiStat Advisory, a consultancy company with extensive experience in data analytics and effective usage of decision support solutions, based in Greece and Croatia, announce the partnership agreement for the promotion and distribution of CRIF Decision Solutions products and services in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, FYROM, Greece and Serbia.

“We believe that the partnership with Ristat will bring benefits to our clients in the region”, said Aldo Bruschi, Offering Director of CRIF Decision Solutions, “and allow us to be closer to the financial players thus ensuring high quality delivery solutions.  Having local representatives will facilitate relationships and strengthen our presence in the region.”  RiStat Management, Dimitra Vlatsa and Petar Kosanovic, state “We are excited to begin a partnership with CRIF, which will enable us to provide comprehensive credit risk management solutions in these markets.  CRIF already provides advanced and effective strategy management solutions to clients in financial services and telecoms markets in many countries.  Integrating our understanding of these markets, we will ensure that these solutions will continue to be offered to additional organizations, in more countries, with the well known criteria of high quality and customer satisfaction that CRIF implements.   Source: CRIF Press Release

BIIA Newsletter November – December 2009 Issue