CCRIF has recently strengthened its offer and now also provides business information services in Indonesia.  Thanks to CRIF business information services, Indonesian companies will be able to access in-depth credit, financial and business information on over 200 million companies in more than 230 countries around the world.

CRIF provides freshly updated information and quality reports on countries where information retrieval is challenging, such as in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Users will be able to easily order international commercial credit reports and find all the information they need thanks to a wide range of content available through a new user-friendly layout. Quick, easy and comprehensive, the CRIF business information portal is the one-stop international business information solution to help companies make better and more reliable decisions.

“We are very pleased to launch our business lines services in Indonesia and bring to the market a strategic decision-making tool. We can further support our clients through comprehensive reports and updated information that they need to make the best possible credit decisions considering the complexity of the global business context”, commented Leonardo Lapalorcia, Managing Director of PT CRIF in Indonesia.

Source: CRIF Press Release