Bologna, Italy, 07/10/2009: 07/10/2009 Bank of Georgia, leading Georgian retail bank, with 34% market share, has chosen CRIF Decision Solutions as a partner to provide and develop its loan origination system.  The bank, together with its banking subsidiaries in Ukraine and Belarus, will rely on StrategyOne and CreditFlow as the cornerstones to automate and optimize their retail application processes. 

StrategyOne, the CRIF Decision Solutions specialized business rules platform will enable Bank of Georgia to identify the right targets, increase customer loyalty, boost sales and profits, manage risk and implement business and regulatory policies by automating and standardizing its decision-making processes. CreditFlow, the flexible and innovative credit business process management suite, will help automate internal workflows by orchestrating manual activities and business rule execution, connecting participants, and integrating all systems involved so to meet its end-to-end origination process needs.  Source:  CRIF Press Release

BIIA Newsletter November – December 2009 Issue