CRIF announced that it will acquire the Austrian and Swiss credit information and risk management services operations from Deltavista Group.  This transaction will further strengthen CRIF’s industry-leading position in the field of banking credit information and risk management solutions in continental Europe.  The acquisition of Deltavista Austria and Switzerland by CRIF are part of a series of increasing investments in retail credit lending solutions over recent years and the desire to provide its clients with added-value.  Deltavista operations in Austria and Switzerland will be integrated into CRIF as wholly owned subsidiaries and will continue to focus on its current activities with the same team of around 100 employees.  Terms were not disclosed.

Deltavista stated that by divesting its Austrian and Swiss businesses it will be able to strengthen the financial and market position of its German and Polish subsidiaries.

Deltavista, founded in 1994, is one of the leading credit reporting agencies and providers of risk management in the German-speaking part of Europe.

CRIF, established 1988 in Bologna (Italy) is a global company specializing in the development and management of credit reporting, business information and decision support systems.  CRIF has an international presence with operations in four continents and is the leading group in continental Europe in the field of banking credit information and one of the main operators on an international level providing integrated services for business and commercial information and for credit & marketing management.  More than 1,800 banks and financial institutions all over the world use CRIF services on a daily basis.

Source:  Deltavista Press Release (German)

Source:  CRIF Press Release Press release Deltavista Svizzera-Austria english (01)