CRIF NM Credit Assure Limited (CNM-CAL), a joint venture between CRIF and Neal & Massy, has applied for a license to operate a credit bureau in Jamaica.

CRIF NM-CAL was established with the objective of providing world class credit bureau and related value added services to Jamaica and the Caribbean. The bureau will benefit from the experience, know-how, and support of both CRIF and Neal & Massy, with CRIF providing the technology platform, industry knowledge and value added products, and Neal & Massy providing the IT infrastructure, local industry knowledge and experience through 80 years of doing business in the Caribbean.

About Neal & Massy

The Neal & Massy Group of Companies is a world-class corporation operating in the majority of the English-speaking countries of the Caribbean.   Neal & Massy operates across a wide spectrum of industries, offers a range of quality products and services and represents several international brands. The group has a long established reputation, for integrity and fair play in business dealings, built over an 80-year history.  Neal and Massy’s ICT presence in Jamaica is through ILLUMINAT, an IT solutions provider to a number of banks, financial institutions and major corporations in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean.

About CRIF

CRIF (headquartered in Italy) is an independent company with 90% of its capital held by founder members and management, and the remaining 10% by various credit institutions. Among the latter, 3 international banks have been present in the shareholding group since the 1990s, namely BNL-BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank and Banco Popolare (the largest Italian public cooperative credit institution).

In 2010, the CRIF total revenue was 261 million Euro, representing a growth of 22,5% compared to 2009.
The number of CRIF employees in its offices and subsidiaries in Italy and around the world had reached over 1,300.

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