CRIF Gulf (Dun & Bradstreet) launched its DUNS100 Achievers program in the UAE on March 23. The program will rank UAE businesses accurately and reliably based on defined and measured criteria.

Dun & Bradstreet, one of Wall Street’s oldest data and analytics providers, is a global organisation with a cloud database of more than 400 million users worldwide. With over 500,000 small to large-sized companies in the UAE, the DUNS100 program will rank outstanding performers based on their operational and financial performance.

A team of analysts and economists from CRIF Gulf will produce a comprehensive list of leading UAE companies across a broad spectrum of industries, allowing businesses in the Emirates and across the globe the ability to access reliable information about leading corporations from different sectors. This will enable businesses to access to data such as an organisation’s turnover and creditworthiness.

The rankings will be published on Additional DUNS100-related content will be featured on Gulf, and notable organisations will be invited to share their thought leadership insights and ideas on the platform.

Manjeet Singh Chhabra, the Managing Director of CRIF Gulf, said, “DUNS100 aims to recognise and celebrate achievements of UAE businesses. This also propels them further to the next level and inspires their peers to do better.”

“Businesses in the UAE are looking to spread their wings, and DUNS100 marks their presence at a global level. DUNS100 endorses their achievements with global benchmarks.”

CRIF Gulf is a worldwide network partner of Dun & Bradstreet and a global credit and supplier risk information provider. The organisation also provides integrated services and solutions for businesses, commercial information, credit and marketing management.