The CRIF Forum focused on credit risk and business process management solutions.  It was the first CRIF Forum in Russia and it attracted genuine interest from the banking community.  The Forum drew more than two hundred participants from Moscow and regional banks as well as CRIF representatives from different countries. Mr. Andrey Suchkov, Senior Vice-President – VTB Bank, was the Chairman of the event.

During the event, CRIF representatives and major Russian banks focused on specialized risk management tools and shared practical experience on how the implementation of modern technical solutions can increase the efficiency of operations and broaden prospects for further development and growth.  Participants were able to visit Product Expo – a product exhibition representing the most topical issues in Credit risk management such as Loan Origination, Collection, Portfolio Management, and Anti Fraud Solutions.

CRIF has been present in Russia since 2005.  Today not only the National Bureau of Credit Histories cooperates with CRIF, but also several major banks amongst which are URALSIB, KMB Bank and MDM Bank. Source: CRIF Press Release –

BIIA Newsletter June – 2008 Issue